“Imagine possibility” is our approach and mantra when creating interiors for our diverse and eclectic clientele. Perhaps an approach gleaned from our years in product development, we love creating one of a kind designs for our clients that are as unique as they are, make them feel special, a bit indulgent and can offer ways of simplifying their lives with pet and kid-friendly materials.

We call it livable luxe design – and our quest to find a partner where we could customize area rugs with livable materials is what brought us to The Floor Collection, an elite boutique flooring showroom in Scottsdale, AZ known for their exquisite imported woods, plethora of carpets and luxe area rugs sold exclusively through interior designers (also known to blast a mean-80’s playlist and to provide cocktails during design time. – Jill, Heidi & Michele are our kind of girls!)

When we tell our friends and clients that we are designing custom area rugs, the response is often “I didn’t even know that was possible”.  Yes, it totally is and it is SO fun, too! Custom-designed area rugs become works of art for the floor, we choose from naturally luxurious materials like wool, silk, bamboo, jutes and leathers in an almost unending supply of colors, only limited by our imagination! The Floor Collection has become our go-to resource when we want to design bespoke area rugs.

So, imagine our surprise when we were invited to participate in an über-exclusive collaboration with The Floor Collection! They were in the beginning stages of developing a line of area rugs that would be manufactured directly with factories of skilled artisans and sold in their showroom, when after seeing a sampling of LMOH’s custom area rug designs, asked us to join in their development – YES, we were FLOORED!

The process of designing custom rugs has been quite thrilling! We found inspiration, developed detailed specifications including colors, materials and construction call outs, then submitted them for final delivery to the talented artisans at the factory. In total, we submitted 24 designs, with the plan of fallouts and then fine-tuning of a handful to develop the best of the best final area rugs that will live on exclusively in The Floor Collection’s line.

Next up are strike offs, 2’x2’ samples of the designs come to life. We are super delighted and OHHH so proud of our initial reviews… now we’ll wait to see the results. Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing each of the prototypes as they arrive! Until then, design your day fabulous!™