In honor of St. Paddy’s Day when everybody is going green, we’re giving you our top tips for adding gorgeous greens into your home design through beautiful botanicals. Much like our design mantra of creating livable luxe interiors – spaces that are as functional as they are fabulous – we love implementing live plants into interiors that are low-maintenance and long-lasting!

Plants purify the air, remove toxins and literally breathe life-enhancing energy into your home! There is just nothing more beautiful than thriving plants placed throughout a home to enrich and vitalize the space both aesthetically and energetically. Here are our top-fave plants that do both!


Mother-in-law Tongue, Snake Plant, Sansevieria: These beauties are sculptural standouts which is why we love their look! They have stunning variegated leaves that are hearty and very forgiving – meaning they are okay when skipping a few waterings. CARE: They love indirect light & and a light watering.


Pothos, Epipremnum Aureum, Scindapsus Aureus: These trailing stunners are lovely additions to etageres, side tables and shelves. They can grow to trail quite long, so the vines are impressive when wrapped around an iron obelisk to make a big statement, or let their vines dangle as a hanging plant. CARE: They do best with bright, indirect light & moderate watering (never allow the soil to become water-logged).


Rubber Plant: These hearty botanicals have the added advantage of being one of the best natural air-purifiers, so they are wonderful throughout the home and especially in bedrooms and home offices where people spend most of their time. CARE: Like most of the other plants on our list, Rubber Plants do best in bright, indirect light. Only water once the soil is dry.

Check out more of our favorite botanicals to use in your design project on our Pinterest board house plant perfection! Until next time, design your day fabulous!™