DESIGN TREND | Tailored Retreat

2016 is not over yet, and neither are the top five Design Trends that we’re spotting everywhere. We’ve already revealed the first two trends in the series and if you missed them, check out the rustic Farmhouse Fabulous and uber glamourous Glamily Room trends in our blog archives! We went from farm to glam in those trends and next up is the swanky styling of Tailored Retreats.

Homeowners are putting more of an emphasis on creating their own havens away from the bustle of the rest of the family. These retreats are more than just a place to lay down at night and are appearing more and more like a luxury hotel suite, complete with multi-functional areas within the space for sleeping, reading, writing and lounging. Bespoke touches are everywhere with customized furniture, bedding and window treatments that create one-of-a-kind designer style.

1| Tailored Retreats are characterized by perfectly suited elements. Menswear inspired sensibility paired with feminine fabrics and forms. While some design trends come and go, what always remains relevant is well tailored style! Well made, rested and restored are the epitome of this trend.



2| Unusual fabric selections, not typically found in bedding are showing strong for Tailored Retreats. Textural powerhouses like wool, mohair, velvet and cashmere appear in upholstered pieces and accessorized pillows. TIP: Pairing patterns like plaid with a floral balance the yin and yang of a masculine and feminine styled space, perfect for bedrooms.






3| Windows are well dressed in Tailored Retreats and are often layered with texture, fabrics and finishes that make them custom-made creations. The design is always in the details and window treatments are the perfect place to go all-out-glam and embellish with trim, toggles, glass beads and nailheads. No, not all together – moderation dearest design fiends.  TIP: Always consider blackout linings for the bedroom to optimize room darkness.

4| Exquisite, custom created furnishings are at the heart of Tailored Retreats. We love (and may be green with envy) for this chaise lounge, in particular for the streamlined tailored lines and overfilled feather cushions upholstered in such a lovely silk velvet.

5| Against all the textural powerhouses for Tailored Retreats, bring in some shining relief. We love using mercury glass finishes for this reason, it adds an aged effect to a polished material and brightens up the space!








6| It wasn’t so long ago that a proper chandelier was seen primarily in formal dining rooms and entry ways. Not so anymore, lovely lighting is making a grand statement in Tailored Retreats. How wonderful to experience something so beautiful every single day! The sparkle, shine and shimmer of lighting found in these havens can vary and create a juxtaposition against the rest of the room. For example, if the room is primarily masculine with some flourishing touches of feminine, adding a more feminine chandelier balances the room’s design. Whereas if a more simplistic masculine chandelier is selected, the masculine sensibility of the room’s design is emphasized.


Check out this fabulous Tailored Retreat, finished in a Rustic Glam style with subtle femininity and grace, then stay tuned for more in the series of 2016 Interior Design Trends! Until then, design your day fabulous!™

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