DESIGN TREND | Glamily Rooms

We’ve already revealed the first Design Trend in a series of the top five for 2016 (if you missed it check out our blog archives!) In stark contrast to the Farmhouse Fabulous trend, get ready to go glam and create your most fabulous family room of all with the GLAMily Room! Glamily Rooms are taking over family rooms and making them more chic than ever, by combining exquisite textures, brazen colors, sophisticated patterns and lighting that makes it shine bright like a diamond!

1| Glamily Rooms are all about the unnecessary necessities. Yes, having a tufted emerald green velvet ottoman could be considered over-the-top, but on something as functionally necessary as an ottoman, it becomes a must have! Take purposeful pieces of furniture and give them a makeover with sophisticated, saturated colors and uber-fabulous textures.


2| At the heart of the family room gone glam are gorgeous textures that harken to be touched and cozied up to. Try exploring textural fabrics that offer covert durability, we love customizing furniture using indoor/outdoor fabrics (aka they’ll take a beating and most are bleachable)! These fabrics have come a long way and can be found in everything from velvets to tweeds making them the perfectly fabulous addition to a practical family room turned Glamily Room design.

3| Go vertical with the glam and do up window treatments! Try using a textural fabric like taffeta, silk, jacquard or velvet in a beaming color to bring excitement and shimmer to the room. Design is always in the details, so window treatments are a fantastic way to add touches of baubles and brilliance like glass beads, rhinestone trim or even looped metal fringe to create layers of lovely.


4| The ultimate in Glamily Rooms, adding bold colors and chic patterns to the well-dressed wall. These aren’t your momma’s walls! Trending wallcoverings are about making artful statements on the walls not only with the pattern, but even with the materials. The options for materials vary from shells to vinyl and everything in between. For an active Glamily Room with little ones or pets, we opt for designing with vinyl. It’s durable, wipe-able, long-lasting and you can’t even tell that it is vinyl at all!


5| Lighting is everything (as it is in a selfie, so it is in a design)! Lighting trends for Glamily rooms are leaning towards the brilliance of color. Colors from magenta and cobalt to canary yellow are showing up as the focal points for lighting connoisseurs. More than frivolous, it’s functional too and this alluring aquamarine chandelier is an OHHH-so-perfect addition to lighting the family room GLAM!



See this trend in action when we designed this Glamily space, then stay tuned for more in the series of 2016 Interior Design Trends! Until then, design your day fabulous!™

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