DESIGN TREND | Farmhouse Fabulous

We thoughtfully created the top five Interior Design Trends for 2016 to inspire your most beautiful home. Enjoy the first in this series and then stay tuned for more OHmazing designs to come!

1| Part practicality, part functionality and all parts fabulous!  Many would say that Farmhouse styling is anything but trendy, it has after all, been around for hundreds of years! It’s true, the classic elements that create a heartwarming homestead remain true, but what takes 2016’s version of Farmhouse styling to fabulous? A strong European influence, minimalistic colors and as always in design, it’s in the details!

2| Warm wood tones can be found in exposed reclaimed beams and inventive parquet wood floors, no longer in only fanciful finishes. Technology has innovated tradition with this flooring once reserved only for royal families and French nobility by applying it to the practicality of porcelain. How stunning are these 19x19 tiles? Ohhhhhh, how we love thee!

3| Artful, old-world European-styled encaustic cement tiles add a bespoke touch to provincially styled farmhouses of today. A truly hand-crafted encaustic cement tile is created with pigments that are pressed into the surface and become a part of the tile and a work of art. For this trend, we love them in monotones of soothing warm grays and creams.

4| Ohhhhhh, be still our hearts! Finding the perfectly-paired fixture creates jewel-like accessorizing. We L-O-V-E this vintage inspired collaboration that created the deVOL aged brass tap by Perrin and Rowe. This lovely addition to the kitchen creates antiqued charm with the functional appeal and ease of 2016.

5| Did we say design is in the details? From European inspired parquet, ceramic tiles and fixtures to these Moroccan beauties. Serve up simple colors juxtaposed with intricate geometric patterns that stand out.

Stay tuned for more in the series of 2016 Interior Design Trends! Until then, design your day fabulous!™

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