Ohhhhhh, yes we did!

As sisters, six years apart, (you decide who is older and no, we’re not twins since we always get asked that, too!) we have always wanted to be the entrepreneur girl-bosses that we knew we were and own a business that allowed us to be what we wanted and do what we wanted on our own terms. Over the years, we have had multiple business ideas, only to conclude that the idea just wasn’t quite “it”. While the ideas came and went, what never wavered was that we wanted to do something together!

The moment came when after 15 years of working together in the corporate world and getting officially dismissed (as in “we’re letting you go”), we started our own boutique interior design firm! It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t prepped, it was the quickest, most inspired decision. We each were exploring other avenues of work, Lynae considering her own executive consulting business and Leann an interior design opportunity with another studio, when we talked on the phone and came to the same conclusion that our individual paths just weren’t feeling right. We made the decision on that call to start our own business and met the next day to develop a business plan, secure a business license and file papers with the attorney. With no time to even consider not doing it, LM•OH was official!

All 6 of us girls shown here with mom have names that begin with the letter "L" and a middle initial "M".

All 6 of us girls shown here with mom have names that begin with the letter "L" and a middle initial "M".

(Oh yes, we had a name all ready to go, just waiting for the business! As a tribute to our tribe of tenaciously inspiring women, the initials LM represent each of the six sisters in our family all with first names starting with “L” and middle names with “M”. And the OH? Well, that’s the delightful sound that typically erupts when we know a creation is just right – as in “ohhhhhhh we love it!”)

We’ve spent our careers in the realm of executive leadership, marketing and product development in the home fragrance and home décor industry. So the leap into interior design was a totally natural one. Instead of creating, designing, developing and testing things that eventually go into a home, now we create and design the entire home from concept to concretization! It’s from our passion in product development that our love for product testing & recommendations along with trend-spotting has sprung. We always have an eye out for products that make us swoon and trends that will be on the market soon! 

That’s really what this blog is all about, giving you insight into our clients’ experience by sharing products, ideas, trends, designs and sister posts that will make you say ohhhhh! We’re just getting started, so subscribe, join, follow and have fun – we’ll be swooning with you soon!

Until then, design your day fabulous!™

Lynae M.  & Leann M.

P.S. Thanks LM•OH tribe… we love you!

LMOH Interiors Tribe