I'm one of those who loves the idea of interior designers, but wonders if they're just going zazzle up my own ideas, or repeat the same thing I saw on their portfolio. NOT TRUE with LMOH! After working with these talented and straight-forward ladies, I am a true believer in their value, and realize now that they are a worthwhile investment when you consider spending tens of thousands of dollars on something that will never look quite right. They came up with beautiful ideas and stuck to my budget. Their relationship with great tradesmen also saves me from taking a stab in the dark with finding a contractor, and strengthens their ability to come to new, fair terms that everyone is happy with. The best part of all.....they are SO FUN to work with!!! Karen D. – Chandler, AZ

“We just LOVE our home and everything you have done for us” Lynda G. – Scottsdale, AZ

I am writing this letter to express the joyous experience I had working with Lynae and Leann of LMOH Interiors. I had talked to no less than six other interior designers before I was introduced to the two ladies. They were very punctual, professional and enthusiastic about working with me. I am not the most patient person when it comes to shopping and I actually despise the whole process and I shared my reservations with the ladies. They assured me they would make the process as painless as possible and they certainly delivered! We furniture shopped for at least five hours straight and I was in awe watching the symmetry that Lynae and Leann displayed working together, even finishing each others sentences on a few occasions. The completion of the project was absolutely successful and met every expectation. I would whole-heartedly recommend LMOH Interiors to anyone with an interior design project. Thank you, ladies, for a great experience! Wayne H. – Phoenix, AZ

“Wow, you had me at hello! What an adventure to study your design, you show such care and attention to each and every detail. You bring a courage to design that is rare and have a natural talent for mixing patterns! It is clear that you care about every aspect of what you are designing.”  Sue L. – Naples, FL




“I put a call out and boy did I get some great referrals, but God knew what he was doing when he dropped Lynae and Leann with LMOH Interiors in my life. We quickly knew we would work great together, but even more....we will be lifelong friends. These two powerhouses are the absolute most professional and skilled duo I’ve ever met. From the first contact...they do what they say...always. For 5 rooms to be completely gutted and redone top to bottom and I was only slightly (very slightly, meaning I had to sleep in a guest bed) inconvenienced for 3 weeks...well, it means they had this thing down to a perfect science and on lockdown from day #1. They managed it ALL. There is no other dream team that will ever get my business when it comes to my home.”
Tracy O. – Gilbert, AZ

“I hired LMOH Interiors to help with several rooms in our new home. Two rooms were blank canvases, the other needed accessories. I just love everything they have done! They listened to me and made it my style, with fun colors and creative layouts to include a grandfather clock and piano that needed to be in the living room. Leann and Lynae were a joy to work with, super fun, and very patient with me!! I would definitely hire them again!” Alyson J. – Chandler, AZ

“I just wanted you both to know how much I appreciated your help during my renovation. I am still in awe as to how you translated me and my lifestyle into color, texture, accessories and materials – you really got me! My home is now the perfect haven. You guys are the best.” Lanna W. – Herriman, UT